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Barcode Scanning

Barcode Panel
 Pages that allow you to use a Barcode Scanner with have this panel added to the page. The First Barcode field is given focus automatically when the page opens. When you scan a Product that has one Barcode, the page will automatically submit that Barcode when you scan it. If the Product has two Barcodes, the page will change the focus to the Second Barcode field, this allows you to scan the second barcode without having to use the mouse or keyboard. When you scan the Products second barcode the page will automatically submit both barcodes.

Manual Entry
 If you do not have access to a barcode scanner, you can click on the Manual Entry button to open up the 4 Product fields. These 4 fields are capturing all the relevant data that would normally be taken from a barcode, all 4 fields are required. Once you have filled them in click the Get Product button to post the information to the page.