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There are 3 areas in the Dashboard, the main Calendar you see when you open the Dashboard section, a Sets Calendar and a Sets Map. Use the buttons to switch between these 3 areas.

The Main Calendar can be populated with Procedures and Events, and defaults to showing Procedures. You can filter which Procedures are added by selecting which Sales Associates & Procedures Types you are interested in. If you want to Add Events to the Calendar as well, Check the Events button. You can also add any Procedures from other Distribution Centres, that you are supplying Instruments or Implants for, to add these check the Procedures We're Supplying button.

Calendar Navigation
There are a few buttons immediately above the calendar that you can use to navigate. On the left there are Next, Previous and Today buttons. On the right you can change the type of calendar you are looking at, the options are Month, Week and Day, you also have the option to view the agenda for each day with the Month and Day views

Using the Calendar
Add Procedures
To add an a Procedure,click on the day you want to add to, this will take you to the Book a Procedure page, with the Procedure Date already filled out with the day you clicked on.
Add Events
To add an Event, use the mouse to drag over the days that the event will occur on. This will take you to the Add Event page With the Start and End dates filled out with the Range you selected. If the Event is a 1 day event, you can either:
Click on a day to add a Procedure, then click on the Add Event Instead button
Switch the Calendar to either the week + agenda or day + agenda views then drag in the time range.
Calendar Information
When the Calendar is populated with Procedures (light blue bars) and Events (light purple bars) you can get more information about the displayed Procedures and Events by clicking on the bar you are interested in. This will open a popup dialog that contains a lot more information on that Procedure / Event. With the Procedure bars you will notice a coloured icon in the bottom right hand corner, this indicates the status of that Procedure. If you click on the ? icon next to the page name you will see this legend which explains all the colours that are used:

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