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Sets Map


The Sets Map can be populated by selecting Sets you are interested in from a Booking Sheet. Select the Procedure Type then click the Open Booking Sheet button. In the booking sheet, you can switch between Implants and Instruments using the tabs at the top of the page, click on the sets you want to add to the Sets Map, then click the Submit button.

Map Information

The Sets Map is a Google Map that shows you where all your Sets are currently located. Each Hospital that has one of the Sets you selected booked to it, will be pinned to the map. If you click on the pin you will get a bubble showing the Hospital address and a list of Sets that are there. Each Set in the bubble can also be clicked on, this will open a popup dialog with more information on that Set and it's Booking.

The Set Assignments are used to add Sets to the Hospitals on the map. So a Set you see on the Map could be in transit to the Hospital, at the Hospitals or in transit back to your warehouse.

A Hospital will only appear on the Map if it has an address that Google Maps understands. If a Hospital is not appearing you should check it's info page in the Hospitals section and correct it's address.

The Distribution Centre is also pinned to the Map, any Sets that you selected that are not currently assigned will be listed in the Distribution Centres bubble.