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Sets Calendar


The Sets Calendar can be populated by selecting Sets you are interested in from a Booking Sheet. Select the Booking Sheet Type and Procedure Type then click the Open Booking Sheet button. In the booking sheet, you can switch between Implants and Instruments using the tabs at the top of the page, click on the sets you want to add to the Sets Calendar, then click the Submit button.

Calendar Information

When the Calendar is populated with Set Bookings, they will be added as either green bars of blue bars. The green bars are Bookings where the Set is still checked out. The blue bars are Bookings where the Set has been checked back in. If a Set has not been checked in and it's assigned return date is in the past, its Booking is considered overdue. Overdue Bookings have a red icon in the bottom right corner of their bar.

You can get more information on a Booking by clicking on its bar to open a popup dialog.