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Inventory Search

If OpsKwan is connected to your ERP system we will be downloading all the consignment information. The Inventory Search section has been built to give you an easy way to search through this information to find Products in your Accounts.
Item Master
Open the Item Search section then click on the Item Master button. This will give you a list of every Product you carry. You can filter the list by Segment, and you can use the auto-complete Product Search field to find an indvidual Product. When searchign for a Product you can use either the EDI number or the Products description, both will auto-complete for you.

Account Consignment Levels
To see what Products have been Consigned to an Account open the Item Search section and use the Filter Accounts filters to find the Account you are interested in. Then click on the account from the list to open it and get a list of all the Products Consigned there. If the Account has been given a special price for Products that are not consigned there, they will appear in the Consignment List with a 0 Quantity. These products are hidden by default, but you can show them using the Inc. 0 Qty button.
If want to see what Products are actually at an account click on the Consigned Products button. This will list out all the Products that have been shipped to an account.
Find Products
To find all the locations that have a certain product, open the Item Search section and use the Find Products filters.
This will give you a list of all the Accounts that have that Product in their Consignment list and all the Accounts that have had that Product shipped to them.

Pricing and Information
If you want to see a comparison between the Consignment Level and the number of Products actually Consigned to an Account click on the "i" icon. You can also see the pricing information for a Product by clicking on the "$" icon.