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Adding Products to an Audit

When you open an Audit, you will see various options available to you. You can go Back to the main Audit page, switch to Offline mode, Compare the Audit to the Accounts Consignments, Export the Audit to a CSV file and Import Barcodes that were scanned into a .csv file.

To help you ensure you are adding products to the correct Audit, the Navigation section includes the Account, Name and Date for the current Audit.

Offline Mode
 When you switch to "Offline Mode" the page will load up all the required data into the Browsers database. This takes a few seconds to load, and you will be prompted when the page is ready to use. Once the page is ready you can move the computer into an area that does not have internet access. The page will work the same way as normal, but the products you scan will be saved locally, you will therefore have to use the syncronize button once you have an internet connection again. This will copy everything you scanned to the central database.

Adding Products
The Audits use Barcode Scanning to add Products. When the Barcodes are scanned the product will be added to the Audit and you will hear a success chime.

If the Barcode is not found, or it was scanned in incorrectly the Product wont be added and you will hear a failed chime.

If the Product you scanned is in an activated Recall, the product will be highlighted with red text and a yellow background, you will also hear a warning chime.