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Book Procedure

Auto Updating Selections
The Book Procedure process has been improved to make it easier for you to get through the Booking. The first 3 fields will now filter down to appropriate options as you make your selections.

  • If you are a Sales Associate, you will already be selected in the first field.
  • When you select a Hospital you will see they are organised into their Areas, there is a special Area called My Hospitals, which includes all the Hospitals that the selected Associate has previously booked with. This section is updated whenever you change the Sales Associate.
  • The Surgeons field remains empty until you have selected a Hospital, once a Hospital has been selected all the Surgeons that have had Procedures there will be listed.
If you are booking for a Surgeon that hasn't used this Hospital before, or if you adding a new surgeon enter the name into the Find a different surgeon field. If the name does not appear in the matched list enter the Surgeons full name and they will be added into the system.

Procedure Type and Templates
Once you have selected a Procedure Type the Booking Templates field will be updated. These templates are organised into different section (which will only be included if there are templates created for that section) Surgeon Templates, My Templates, Distributor Templates and General Templates.

If you select a Template you will not need to go into the Booking Sheets as your selections will already be made.

The Procedure Date is the date the Procedure will take place, the Required Date is the date that the Hospital expects the Instruments and Implants to be delivered by.

Add the Booking
You can enter any other relevant information into the remaining fields. Once you are happy with everything you have entered touch / click the green Save Procedure button.

This will take you to the Procedure that you just created. You will then need to make selections on the Booking Sheets (unless you selected a Booking Template) and send the notification Email.