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Booking Sheets

Booking Sheet Structure
Like other pages on the Mobile site, there is a Navigation section at the top of the page, this gives you access to the Procedure page, the other Booking Sheet, and the Email page.

The rest of the Booking Sheet is split up into hierarchical sections. Each main section is one of the Categories you see on the main site. When you open it, you will see items you can select and sub-categories which can also be opened up.

Making Selections
When you find an item you want to select, you can use the slider to add it as a selection. The slider allows you to select 1, 2 or 3 of that item. Once you move a slider, the change will be saved. If the slider is set at anything other than 0 it will change colour. You will also get a Saved info box pop up to let you know you selection has been saved.