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O.R. Usage

Page Structure
Like other pages there is a Navigation section at the top of the page, this gives you access to the Procedure page and the Email Usage page. The Procedure Info and Recorded Usage section provide you with information that is already entered into OpsKwan. If you want to record more use you can open either the Implant Sets or Instrument Sets section to get a list of all the sets you should have in the O.R. Click on a Set to open it the Recording Usage page for that set.

Usage Recorded
Once you record usage against one of Sets you will be brought back to the main O.R. Usage page. There will be a confirmation message, and you will notice that the Set that has usage has now changed colour.

Once all usage is recorded, you should use the Navigation section to go to the Email page to update your team on what was used.

Subpages (1): Recording O.R. Usage