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The Procedures page gives you access to Book a Procedure and list the Procedures with no P.O.

The list of Procedures is paginated, with 50 results appearing on each page. This list can be filtered down by selecting a Hospital, a Sales Associate or a Surgeon. These 3 lists can be quite long, so they can be filtered down themselves by using Filter by Area. You can also filter down the list of Procedures by selecting Date Range, a Procedure ID (which will match partial IDs that you enter as well complete IDs), Purchase Order #, Procedure Type, Waybill # and Invoice #. Once you have selected the filters you want to use, click the Search button.

Procedures List
The Procedures List can be re-ordered by clicking on any of the Blue column headers, you can click a header a second time to switch the order from ascending to descening. If you click on any of the rows, you'll open that Procedures edit page.

Open a Procedure from the Dashboard
On the Dashboard, if you click on one of the Procedure bars you will get a popup Dialog, click on the View / Edit link to open the Procedures edit page.