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Book a Procedure

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Add the Procedure

You can Add a New Procedure in two ways. Go to the Procedures page and click on the Book a Procedure button.

Or go to the Dashboard and click on the day you want to Book a Procedure for.

Procedure Information
When filling out the details for the Procedure, all the items marked with a * are required. If you add a Procedure using the Dashboard, Procedure Date will be automatically filled out for you.

Once you have selected a Procedure Type, any Templates that have been created for that Procedure Type will appear in the Booking Template select. If you select a Booking Template, the Booking Sheet steps in the process will be skipped.

If the Hospital requires the Instruments and Implants to be at the hospital by a certain date (some Hospitals want them on site 2 days prior to the Procedures date) you can enter this date into Date Required. Both the dates will appear on the Assign Sets pages so the Logistics team will know when they have to get the Sets delivered by.

As the Hospital list can get quite long, it has it's own filter, when you select an area from Filter Hospitals, the Hospitals in the Hospital select will be reloaded with only the Hospitals from the Area. The Sales Associate field works the same way with the Filter Sales Associates select. Once you have selected a Hospital, you can click in the i icon to see that Hospitals' Account Number and Address.

The Surgeon field is an autocomplete, free text field. As you start to type the Surgeons name any matching surgeons in OpsKwan will be presented in a list for you to select from. If the Surgeon is not in OpsKwan yet, you can just enter their name in their field and they will be created as a new Surgeon.

If you know the Booking Purchase Order # you can fill that out here as well, if you do not know it yet, go to the Procedures edit page (once it has been completed) and enter it into the Purchasing and Shipping section.

Ship to Location and Shipping Instructions can be used to give the Logistics team an y extra, relevant information they will need when shipping the Instruments and Implants to the Hospital. You do not need to enter the Hospitals address, that is already known, the Location could be something like "Ship direct to Sterilization".

Procedures Notes can be used to add any pertinent information about the Procedure. This information will not be added to PDF Package.

Once you have entered all the information you have on this new Procedure click the Create Booking button.

Wrong Procedure Type
After you click the Create Booking button the Procedure is created and ready for you to fill out the Booking Sheets. If you selected the wrong Procedure type (e.g. Hip in stead of Knee) you will get the wrong Booking Sheets.

Do Not click the back button to change the Procedure type then click the Create Booking button again. If you do this you will end up creating 2 Procedures.

You should instead click the Procedure Info breadcrumb, this will open the Procedure edit page where you can correct your mistake, then go back to the the Booking Sheets to select what you need.

Completing the Booking
Once you have created the Procedure ( if you did not select a Booking Template ) you will be taken to first the Instrument, then the Implant Booking Sheets.

Once the Booking Sheets have been completed, you can finish off the Booking by emailing the notification.

If you selected a Booking Template, you will be taken to the Procedures edit page, if everything looks okay click on the yellow PDF not sent yet breadcrumb to email the complete the booking by emailing the notification.