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Booking Sheets

The breadcrumbs under the buttons allow to move around the 4 most important Procedure screens. This page is the Instruments Booking Sheet, you can also switch over to the Implants Booking Sheet, which has all the same functionality. You can get to the main Procedure Page using the Procedure Info breadcrumb, and the PDF Notification can be opened with the PDF Notification breadcrumb. The PDF Notification breadcrumb is dynamic, if you have modified the Procedure in any way, and failed to send out a new notification email, it will change to a yellow warning breadcrumb.

All the Categories that exist on the current Booking Sheet are added to a Categories panel at the top of the page. You can click on a Category to move the page down to that Category. This will make finding items on a large Booking Sheet much easier.

Highlighted Category
When you click on a Category in the Categories panel, the page moves to that Category and highlights it in green, like this.

Set Selection
When you click on one of the item buttons, that item will be saved automatically for you (there is no save button on the booking sheets) You can confirm that the item has been selected successfully when the button changes from blue to yellow.

In the above 2 Categories, you'll notice that the items have different text styles. The bold blue items are items that have Sets in your warehouse, so your Logistics department will be able to provide you with these sets directly. The bold black items are items that have Sets in the Companies main Warehouse, but not in your Distributorships warehouse. So your Logistics departments will have to get these sent out by the Company. The standard blue items are items that only have Sets in other Distributorships warehouses. These items will not be displayed for Sales Associates as they should only be used as a backup set if nothing suitable is available.

Sets Contents
Each item has 2 icons next to it. If you click the top icon you will open up a Sets Contents dialog. When the dialog opens you will see a list of all the location in the Organisation that have Sets for this item. You can click the little arrow icon next to a location to see a list of buttons for each set that exists. In this example there are only one Set, and it is in the Medical Distributors Warehouse. If there are Sets in any of the Distributors Hospitals, each Hospital will be listed under the Distributor Sets section.

If the Sets button has a spanner icon after the name, that Set has been customized.

When you click on a Sets button, that Sets contents will be displayed in the dialog. You'll see any images that have been associated with the Set, plus a list of all the Products that are in that Set. The Product list and Images are for the Set you clicked on, so if you click on a customized Set you will see a different Product list / Image than you see for the standard Sets.

Sets Availability
If you click the lower icon you will open up a Sets Availability dialog. The highlighted day is today, there are 9 days shown each side of today, with Red bars added indicating all the Assignments that have been added for the selected Set. If you click on a Red bar (the middle bar has been clicked in the image above) you will get another dialog that shows all the relevant information for that assignment.