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Changing a Procedures Status

Procedure Status Links

The Cancel / Reschedule and Open / Close links can be found as buttons at the top of the Edit Procedure page, and in the dialog popup you get on the Dashboard. In the dialog the links are under all the Procedures information, so you will have to use the scroll bar to get to the bottom of the dialog.

Cancelled Procedures
Procedure rarely get completely cancelled, so OpsKwan just marks a Procedure as Cancelled but keeps all the relevant information that had been entered. This mean you wont have to enter all the information again in the future when you need to Reschedule the Procedure on a new date.

A Cancelled Procedure has a different set of Navigation buttons, you can only use Copy Procedure and Reschedule Procedure. When you Reschedule a Procedure you only have to enter the new Procedure date.

Closed Procedures
Once all the information for a Procedure has been added into OpsKwan ( O.R. Usage, Waybills, Invoices, etc) you can mark the Procedure as Closed. This removes most the links from the Procedures Navigation as they will no longer be relevant. In a closed Procedure you only have the Copy Procedure and Open Procedure buttons. Opening a Procedure just chnages the Procedures status back to active.