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Edit a Procedure

When you open a Procedure, you will see various options available to you. If the Procedure is active you will have a Cancel Procedure button and a Close Procedure button. These buttons are both dynamic, if you cancel or close a Procedure the relevant button will change to Reschedule Procedure or Open Procedure.

You can also Copy the Procedure, enter O.R. Usage, generate a PDF Package and Email No Usage.

The breadcrumbs under the buttons allow to move around the 4 most important Procedure screens. This page is the Procedure Info breadcrumb. The Booking Sheets can be opened with Instruments and Implants breadcrumbs, and the PDF Notification can be opened with the PDF Notification breadcrumb. The PDF Notification breadcrumb is dynamic, if you have modified the Procedure in any way, and failed to send out a new notification email, it will change to a yellow warning breadcrumb, as you can see in the image above.

Procedure Information
You can edit any of the basic Procedure information in this section. The Surgeon field is an autocomplete, and will start matching Surgeons already saved in OpsKwan after you have typed 3 characters.

If you want to see The Hospitals account number and address without going to the Hospitals Information page, click on the i icon next to the Hospital field.

The title bar will let you know when the Procedure is going to happen in relation to the current date. If the time difference is 3 days or more, the info box will green (as it is in the above image), if it is less than 3 days in the future the info box will be dark yellow, if it is in the past it will be purple.

The Email Log and Procedure Log allow open up popup dialogs that show you the history of the current Procedure.

Booking Sheets Information
In the Booking Sheets section of the page you can see all the Instruments and Implants that were selected on the Booking Sheets. If a Set has been assigned, the Sets name will also be displayed, if not 2 links will be shown so a Logistics Coordinator can either Assign a Set or Build a New Set.

There are also links to open the Booking Sheets, if you need to request a more than one Set for an item you checked off on the Booking Sheet you can click the copy icon on that items row. If you no longer need an item you can click the remove icon on that items row.

You are also able to Create a Template, based on the Booking Sheet selection you have made, the Templates you create can be used when Booking a Procedure

Usage Summary
Any Usage that has been recorded, either on the O.R. Usage page or in an the Implant Transfers that is linked to this Procedure, will be displayed in the Usage section.

Purchasing and Shipping Information
There are 3 extra pieces of information you can add to a Procedure.

Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders require only 2 fields, Purchase Order Type & the P.O. Number

Waybills require an Origin and Destination for the shipment you are recording. Both the Origin and Destination select fields are automatically populated with locations relevant to the current Procedure. If the shipment is going to be sent to another hospital you can fill out the Account # instead of using the select box. The other fields you can record for a waybill are the Waybill #, Pieces, Cost and Carrier, all the fields are required to save a Waybill

If you want to save invoices associated with the Procedure you can add them here. you just need to select an Invoice Type, then enter the Reference Number and the AAmount invoiced. Invoice information saved here is for you reference only, the data is not used anywhere else in the system