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Recording Usage

O.R. Usage Links

The O.R. Usage links can can be found as buttons at the top of the Edit Procedure page, and in the dialog popup you get on the Dashboard.

The O.R. Usage page has links to the Finalize Usage email page, and a link back to the Procedure page. Once you have finished recording all the Usage for this Procedure, and optionally collected a signature, you should use the Finalize Usage button to send your Logistics team all the information on the Usage for the Procedure.

Procedure Summary
All the relevant information on the Procedure is summarized at the top of the page, so you are able to check and confirm that you are adding usage to the correct Procedure.

Customer Signature
Once all the Usage has been recorded, you can capture a signature from the Surgeon or a Hospital Representative. This electronic signature can be used to show the customer accepted the Usage you recorded. If you are using a touch screen device, you can use a stylus in the Signature field. If you are using a device with a touchpad or mouse, those can also be used but they are much harder to "sign" with.

You can enter the Customers Name as well as their signature.

Procedure Usage
Any Usage that has been recorded will be Summarized above the list of Implant and Instrument Sets, so you can easily see what you have recorded without having to check through all the Products in all the Sets.

If you have a barcode scanner, you can use it with the Barcode and Second Barcode fields to record your usage. The product you scan will be removed from the first Set it is found in. The Barcode matches against a Products EDI Number, Lot Number & Expiry Date, all 3 must match. The Second Barcode field should only be used for Products that have 2 barcodes.

Implant Sets
Each Implant Set that is in the room will be listed in the Implant Sets section. When you click on the Sets name it will open up a list of all the Products that are in the Set. You can mark a Product as used by clicking on the checkbox next to the Lot Number.

If a Product has not been scanned into the system the Lot Number checkbox will be replaced by a text input field, allowing you to type in the Lot Number manually.

If a Product is not in the list at all ( and you have checked that you have opened up the correct set) you can enter the EDI / Catalog Number, Lot Number and/or Quantity in the Other Products Used In This Set section.

If there is anything important you need to record about a particular Product that has been used, you can enter the information into that Products Notes field.

Products listed with red text, have expired.

Products listed with orange text will expire in the next 3 months.

Once you have entered the Usage information you want to record, click on the Save Usage button. If there is no more Usage to record, click the Finalize Usage button.

Instrument Sets
Instrument Sets don't usually have any Lot Numbers recorded against their Products. If something is used, or needs to be charged, from an Instrument Set you can either enter the Lot Number, or enter the number of Products you want to record in the Qty field. The Notes field is also there for relevant information, and like the Implant Sets, you can manually record any Products that are not listed in the Other Products Used In This Set section.