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Procedures with no P.O.


If the List of Procedures that don't have a Purchase Order # is long, you can filter it down to find the Procedures you are interested in. The Hospital and Sales Associate filters have there own filter field, Filter by Area. You can select a date range with the From Date and To Date filters.

You can also select a P. O. Type, by default, the list of Procedure will include any Procedures that have no Purchase Order at all. If you select a P.O. Type then the list will only include Procedures that don;t have the selected type. For example, if you select Procedure Booking P.O., Procedure that have Hospital Billing P.O.'s will not appear in the resulting list.

Procedures List
 The Procedure List gives you some information on each Procedure it finds, the list is paginated with 20 Procedures appearing on each page. You can use the pagination buttons under the list to navigate through the pages.

Each Procedure also has a Send P.O. Request link, that opens up an email page. The email will be setup with the Procedures Sales Associate as the recipient and the text "Please contact the Hospital for Procedure [xxxxxx] as we do not have a Purchase Order yet." in the message.