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Sales Associates Report

The Sales Associates Report lists out all the Sets that match the Filters you selected, organised into the Sales Associates that booked the Procedures.

Each Sales Associate is listed with all the Sets they requested.

For each Set we have 4 columns
  • Shipped : This is the number of times the Set was requested by the Sales Associate and Shipped.
  • Not Used : This is the number of times a Set was Shipped and there was no usage recorded for it.
  • # Products Sold : This is the total number of Products that were sold from this Set, when this Sales Associate requested it.
  • Sales : This is the total value of the Sales from this Set, for this Sales Associate. You can hover the mouse over the sales figure (if it is not $0) to see the figure split into List Price & Account Price. The List Price is recorded against a sale if the Procedure is at an Account that does not have a special price agreed for the sold product.
Each Sales Associate has these columns aggregated. And a Grand Total is also calculated at the bottom of the page.

The whole results list can be opened and closed, when closed all you will see if the Grand Totals row. To open / close the result click on the small arrow button on the right hand side or the column headers.