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Setup : Hospitals

Check your Accounts Exist
All of your Hospital Accounts should be in the system already with a name, account number and address. If an Accont is missing you'll want to add it in. Go to the Hospitals tab to see a list of all the accounts, if you can't find your account click on the Add A Hospital button, enter the Hospitals information and click the Save Changes button. The fields marked with a red * are required.

Fill Out Extra Information
There are quite a few extra fields you can fill out for a Hospital to help remind yourselfl, or to help other Associates that are covering one of your case, where important places are in the Hospital and who key Personnel are. Open up a Hospital information page by clicking on that Hospitals' row on the Hospitals page. Click the Save button after you make your changes.

Hospital Addresses
The Address it important not only to help people find a Hospital, but also to pin the Hospital on the Sets Map page. A Hospital can not ber pinned if if has no address, or if the Address is not in a format that Google Maps understands. So it is worth checking that the Hospital Address in the System makes sense to both you and on Google Maps If Google Maps puts up lots of pins when you enter the address, it doesn't properly understand that address and is guessing where you mean. You'll need to update the Hospital in OpsKwan with the correct address.