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Setup : My Info

Once you've logged in click on the My Info tab in the top right corner of the screen. It will be useful for other peope in your organisation if you fill put some of your contact information.

Hospital Affiliations

The Hospital Affiliations will be created for you as you book Procedures, if you want you can create them now by entering the Hospitals name in the "Search Hospitals" input and clicking the Add button.

Account Options
There are a few options on the right hand side of the My Info page that you can use to save some defaults for the Opskwan application.

Emails auto-include Company
Emails are, by default, only sent to users on your OpsKwan site. There is an option on the email pages to also copy in users from your Parent Company's OpsKwan site. If you would like this checkbox to checked by default, check the Emails auto-include Company checkbox here then click the Save Changes button.

The Calendar has a number of views, you can use the Calendar default view dropdown to select which view you prefer to see when you login.

You can also set which Procedure Types are automatically selected on the Calendars' filter by checking those Procedure Types in My Procedure Types.

Once you have set your Calendar options click the Save Changes button.