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Setup : Top Tips

Use a Modern Browser
OpsKwan Web Apps are built with the latest browsers in mind, if you are using a very old browser (like IE6) you will find that some functionality is missing. We do not support older browsers, so if you are having problems you should check to see if you are using a Modern Browser. We recommend Google ChromeMozilla Firefox or IE9 (Windows Update will upgrade you to the latest version of IE)

Enable Javascript
We make extensive use of Javascript to improve the User Interface in the OpsKwan Web Apps, and to improve usability. If you have Javascript disabled you will be redirected to a cut down version of OpsKwan that has most of the functionality removed.

Google provides clear and concise instructions for enabling Javascript here

Enable Cookies
Cookies help to keep track of where you are on the site and we use them to reduce the number of times you have to enter certain information. You should have them enabled to take full advantage of OpsKwan Web Apps.

Google provides clear and concise instructions for enabling Cookies here

Forgot Your Password
Only you know what your password is, it is encrypted when it is stored in the database so no one (not even us) can see it and send it to you. If you can't remember your password you can use the Forgot Password? link on the login page to get a new activation email sent to you. The email will contain a link that you can use to create a new password.

You can also contact your Site Administrator to ask them to manually change your password.

If you do not yet have an account, or if you did not activate your account within 3 days of receiving your activation email, you will need to contact your Site Administrator to request a new activation email. Your Site Administrators' email can be found on the Login page.

No Lot #'s on the O.R. Usage Page
If your Logistics department has not been able to Assign a Set to one of your Booking Sheet requests, the contents of that Set will only show the Catalogue #'s on the O.R. Usage page.

If an item has not been replenished then that item will only show it's Catalogue # on the O.R. Usage page.

In either case you can manually type in a Lot # to record your usage.

Wrong Procedure Type when Booking a Procedure
If you select the wrong Procedure Type on the Book New Procedure page, you will get the wrong Booking Sheets after you click the Create Booking button. If this happens do not use the browsers back button. That will take you back to the Book New Procedure page and you will end up creating a second Procedure. You should instead use the Procedure Info link in the breadcrumbs, then change the Procedure Type in the dropdown and click the Save Procedure button. Once you have done this you can use the Open Booking Sheet buttons on the Procedure Info page to book your Instruments and Implants.

Booking Sheet Selections are not Saving
When you have a Booking Sheet open, any checkboxes you select will not be saved to the database until you have clicked the Save button at the bottom of the page. ( The breadcrumbs will pop up a save nag window if you click on them )

If you leave the Booking Sheet to go to another page on he site before you save anything you have checked off will be forgotten when you come back to the Booking Sheet page. This will be annoying for you if you click into a Set Contents page (using the little document icon next to a checkbox, then opening up on the Warehouses in he popup window) then go back to the Booking Sheet.

Therefore you should look at the contents pages of all sets you want to see first. Then, when you're happy you know what you are going to be booking, go through and the Booking Sheet, check off everything you want to Book, then Save the Booking sheet.