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Transfers : Add a Transfer

To add a transfer record open the Transfers section then click the New Transfer button.

Transfer Information
You need to select a Transferred From Account (which can be DIA), an Implanted at Account and enter a Date Implanted. You can also enter a Procedure #, if the product was used in a Procedure already in Opskwan, Shipping Instructions, a Billing P.O. Number and a T-Order Number.

Loan Usage
Enter the EDI Number and Lot Number/s for the implanted products. The Lot Number is optional.

You can enter more than one Lot Number for the same EDI Number, to do this separate the Lot Numbers with commas.

If there is more than one product that shares the same EDI Number & Lot Number (which will happen most often with things lie screws where there is no Lot Number) you can increase the Quantity field.

If you have more than one Product to add to the Loan click the Add Another + icon to add in a new row of inputs.

Save Loan and Email
Once all the Information and Usage has been entered click the Save Usage button and you will be taken to the email page.

The Email will automatiocally go to all Logistics and Office Staff. If you don't want to send the email to either of those groups uncheck the relevant check box in the bottom left corner.

To add other users to the email, start typing their name in the user names text box. This is an autocomplete box so you can more easily find and add the people you want to email.

To send the email to people who are not on the Opskwan system, type out their email address/es in the Additional Emails textbox. The addresses should be comma separated.

You can enter a message to go along with the email if you want, once you have done this click the Send Email button.