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Transfers : Add an Instrument Transfer

To add an Instrument Transfer 
Open the Transfers section then click the New Instrument Transfer button. On the new page select a Procedure Type then click the Select button, this will open the Instrument Booking Sheet for that Procedure Type.

When you click on a Set on this Booking Sheet, you'll see all the available sets, click on the Set you want to Transfer and that the Transfers popup for the Set will open. On the Transfer popup, select the Warehouse or Hospital that you will be transferring the Set to, make sure the Date Transferred is correct (it defaults to the current date) then click the Transfer Set button.

Once the Transfer is saved you will be taken to the email page so you can notify the relevant people.

To update an active Transfer
Follow the same procedure as above to open the Transfer popup, for an active transfer the location that the set is being transferred to will already be selected. You just have to update the record with an arrival date, save this arrival date by clicking the Update Transfer button. You will be taken to the email page again so you can notify the relevant people you have received the set. Doing this will complete the transfer.