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Booking Sheet Manager : Adding Images

Once you open up a Booking Sheet Category for editing you will see a camera icon next to each tick box you have added to the Booking Sheet. Use this to add a new image to that tick box.

If an image has already been added there will also be a magnifying glass icon, click this to see a popup with thumbnails of all the images added to that tick box. You can click the edit link next to a thumbnail if you want to change the image.

Either adding or editing will take you to the Add Document to Library page, with a few Tags already selected.

The images are just library documents that have a special Tag to link them back to the Booking Sheet item, the special Tag is product_xxx. There is another special Tag selected as well original, this is used to indicate that the image you are adding is the original image. During the upload Opskwan will create 2 new images, it will shrink the original down to a small thumbnail, and to a paper sized version that is used in the Procedure Package that is sent to the Hospitals.

Once the image has been added you can search the Library using the product_xxx tag that was added for you and you should see the 3 versions of the image you just uploaded to the Library.

You can also add other Tags to the image. If, for example, you have an Instrument Tray that actually has 2 trays, you will probably want to add 2 images, one for each tray. You can do this and differentiate between the two by adding on either of the tags Top Tray or Bottom Tray.