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Booking Sheet Manager : Editing a Category

Open the Booking Sheet
Selecting from the Sheet Type dropdown and the Procedure Type dropdown then click the Select Sheet button.

Editing a Category Name 
Once a Booking Sheet has been selected you can click on any of the category names and type in any adjustments. Once you have changed the name click on the Save Booking Sheet button at the bottom of the page.

Edit Category Contents
To edit the checkboxes that appear in a category click on edit (next to the category name.)

You can add up to 5 new checkboxes to the booking sheet using the Add New Checkboxes section underneath all the current checkboxes. The Code & Description are optional. If you want to use a barcode scanner to scan products into the Sets created for this Checkbox, check the Has Scannable Contents checkbox.

There are a number of features for the existing checkboxes:
  1. The tick and cross icons to the left of their name are indicators to show you if any sets have been added for that checkbox in the Kit Manager.
  2. You can group checkboxes together using the pipe "|" notation. When you use a pipe, every checkbox that has matching text before the pipe will be grouped together (the text has to match exactly). So these checkboxes will be grouped on the Booking Sheet
    Group 1 | Checkbox 1
    Group 1 | Checkbox 2
    These 2 would be put into a separate checkbox groups though
    group 1 | Checkbox 3
    Group1 | Checkbox 4
  3. Use the dropdown to turn the checkbox into a spinner on the Booking Sheet.
  4. Use the camera icon to add an image to the Booking Sheet, you can add as many images as you want.
  5. Use the magnifying glass icon to see the images you have already added, and access the Photo Tagging feature.
  6. Click on the more Details button to expand the options available, the expanded view allows you to edit the description & code. The description is added to the booking sheet using a smaller coloured font under the name. The code is added as a tooltip on the booking sheet.
  7. In the expanded view, use 'always show' to prevent a checkbox from being hidden. Checkboxes are hidden from some users if there are not sets for it in the Kit Manager
  8. Use the Delete from category to remove this item from the current category. The item itself will still exist (for legacy data integrity) but it will no longer be displayed in this category.
Re-order the Checkboxes:
Click on any existing checkbox and drag it up or down, then drop it in a new location.

Click on the Save Category button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.