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Kit Manager : Check In and Compare Sets

Getting to the Check In Page

There are a few ways to check in a Set.

  • You can to open the Kit Manager, You can open the Kit Manager, navigate to the Set you are interested in, open the Options box then click on the Check In link.
  • If you are setup up as a Logistics Co-ordinator, you can also use the Dashboard to find the Procedure the Set was assigned to, then click on the Procedure to open it's info box. Each Set that is checked out will have a Check In link next to it in the info box.
  • You can also use the Procedures View page, scroll down to the Booking Sheets section and click the Check In link to the right of the Set you are interested in.
  • You can also open the Logistics section and click the Sets Checked Out button. This will list all the sets that are due back today (you can change the date if you want to). Each Set will have Receive link (see below) and a Check In link.
Check In Page

The Check In page is used to confirm the physical contents of the Set agrees with the contents recorded in Opskwan. It is also used to confirm the Usage recorded for a Procedure.

There are 3 ways to check all the Products in the Set

  1. Barcode Scanning
    When you open the page the Barcode input box is automatically selected for you. If you have a barcode scanner you can scan the products in the Set. If the Product scans successfully it will turn green on the page and there will be a success sound (the barcode scanner may also make a sound).
    If the product has 2 barcodes the cursor will switch to the Second Barcode input and wait for you to scan the second barcode.
    Make sure you pause for a second or two between products to allow the system to get the details from the database.
  2. Manual Entry
    Click on the Manual Entry button to expand the input panel. You can now type in the EDI number, Lot Number (if there is one) Expiry Date (if there is one) and Box Quantity. Click the Get Product button, if this is successful the product will turn green.
  3. Visual Check
    Find the product in the table that corresponds the to product in the box, if you find it (make sure you match Lot number and Expiry date as well) you can click the Present checkbox for that product. The product will then turn green.
  4. Fast Check In
    If you are confident that everything is present in the box you can skip this page entirely and just click the Check In button. If you do this the next page will report a lot of discrepancies, but you can ignore them.

Once all the products have been entered into the Check In page click the Check In button to proceed to the Check in Differences page.

Check In Differences Page

This page takes everything you entered and presents you with a confirmation form. If everything is correct you can confirm and compete the check in by clicking Confirm Usage and Update ... button. 

If there are any disrecpancies between the list of products you checked in and the products the system thinks are in the set they will be listed out in one of the sections on the page. Any usage that was recorded for this set will also be listed out. The four sections on this page are:
  1. Used Products
    Anything that was marked off on the O.R. Usage page as used will be added to this section. This is just here for you information, when you move on to the next page these items will be removed from the Set.
  2. Not Used Products
    These are products that were marked off as used on the O.R. Usage page, but you just check them in. This is probably a mistake. You can use the link tp go to the O.R. Usage page and correct the usage.
  3. Missing Products
    If you did not check a product in, but the system thinks it is in the Set, that product will be listed here. You should physically check the set again, if the item is missing you can check off the Remove from Set check box to remove the product from this Set.
  4. Extra Products
    If you checked in a product, but the system does not have it recorded in this Set it will be listed here. You should physically check the set again. If the product does exist, and it should be in this Set you can add it by checking the Add to Set check box.
Check In Report Page
The Report will list out everything you just confirmed on the differences page, along with any mistakes that were corrected and any usage that was confirmed.

Sets that have no scannable products
In the Booking Sheet Manager, an item can be added that is not marked off as Has Scannable Contents. For Sets that are added to these items there is a different Check In page. You will see all the images that have been attached to the Set along with 2 fields This Set has Missing Products and Notes. Use these fields to mark the set as incomplete and make notes about what is missing.

Receiving Sets

In the Logistics section you can open the Sets Checked Out page to see everything that needs to be checked in on a given day. This should give you an easier way to handle a lot of deliveries at the same time. Each Set that is due in will be listed and will have a Receive link and a Check In link. The Receive link allows you to mark off all the Sets you have physically received, which will give you an easy way to determine if there is anything you did not receive that was supposed to be delivered.