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Kit Manager : Set Templates

Define a Default Template
The Booking Sheet Manager allowed you to create items, but it only allowed you to record high level information on those items. You were able to give the item a name, a description and record a few other details. In the Kit Manager you are able to define what products (Instruments or Implants) will be in the item. Then, when you create sets, each set will know what it is supposed to contain. This will let you determine if a Set has anything missing.

There are 2 ways to define a Template, you can create a .csv file, or you can add items manually. If you have a .csv file that lists all the catalogue numbers and quantities (an example file is attached below) you can click on the Import Set Template button, select the .csv file, then click the Import button in the dialogue that opens.

When you import a new template from a .csv file, the current template is deleted and replaced with the contents of the file. If all you need to do is add or remove a couple of items from the existing template, it will be easier to use Edit Set Template.

You can use a Barcode scanner to add products to the template, or you can click the Manual Entry button and enter the EDI numbers of each product manually.

With either method, when you add the product it will be added onto the tempalte with a quantitiy of 1 if it does not already exist in the template. If it is already in the template it's quantity will be increased.

You can also edit the quantities, and delete an item from the template using the + - and x icons on the right hand side.

Customizing an Individual Set
Each Set you create can have a customized build. When you create a Set the system expects it to contain all the products listed in the default Temaplte, if one Set is different (e.g. the extra large sizes are removed) you can add a customization to that Set. To customize a build for a particular Set navigate to it in the Kit Manager, then open the options menu for that Set and click on the Customize link.

The Customize page is similar to the Edit Template page, and you can use a barcode scanner or enter EDI numbers in the same way. On this page you will see the Quantities from the Default template next to an input that allows you to enter your own quantities. This allows you to make 3 types of customization:
  1. Remove an Item
    If you set the Custom Qty to 0 that item will be removed from this sets template
  2. Add an Item
    If you add a new product (using a barcode scanner or an EDI number) you will be adding that product to this sets template
  3. Change the Quantity
    You can enter a different Custom Qty if you have more or less products in your Set.
Once you have entered all your customizations click the Save Customizations button.
Mike Bates,
Dec 5, 2012, 5:18 PM