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Kit Manager : Deploy and Edit Sets

Deploy New Set
Sets represent the Physical Sets (either Instrument or Implant Sets) you have in the warehouse that are loaned out to Hospitals. To create Sets for a Kit you have to open the Kit Manager, then select the Product Type and Procedure Type from the dropdown boxes, then select the item you want to create sets for and you'll see all the Management tools open up on the right, now click on the Deploy Set button.

You can now enter the relevant information for the Set you want to deploy. Note that you have to select where you want to deploy to. You can either select your own warehouse by checking the check box, or select a Hospital from the dropdown.

The Name a Deploy to are the only required fields.

Edit Deployed Set
Each Set listed has an options icon on the right that will open up an options dialog. In the Options Dialog select the Edit link to open the Edit Set page. This page is very similar to the Deploy Set page, there is an extra section that allows you to record information about the Sets most recent Sterilization, allowing you to capture the Date, Location and Method that was used.