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Kit Manager : Hospital Sets

Hospital Sets are used by the Hospital Tracking System. To assign a Set to a Hospital open the Kit Manager and click on the click on the Hospital Sets button.

On the Left you will get a list of all the Hospital Kits that were created in the Booking Sheet Manager. Click on a Kit to open view the Management tools on the right.

You can define the builds for a Hospital Kit the same way they are defined for normal Kits, see the Kit Builds page for instructions.

Assigning Sets
Each Hospital either has a Set (or many Sets, it does not matter) assigned to it, or it doesn't. If a Set is assigned then Products the Hospital adds using the Hospital Tracker System will be organised so they can be searched for in that Set. If a Product does not appear in any of the Sets assigned to the Hospital it will be added to the special 'Shelf' Set. Therefore every Hospital using the Hospital Tracking System should have at least the Shelf Set assigned to it.

To Assign a Set to a Hospital select the Hospital from the Add to Hospital dropdown box and click the Savebutton.