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Kit Manager : Replenishing Sets

Open the Replenish Set Page
There are a few ways to get to the Replenish Set page:

  • You can open the Kit Manager, navigate to the Set you are interested in, open the Options box then click on the Replenish link.
  • You can go through the Check In process then click on the Continue to Replenish Set button once you have been through all the Check In pages.
  • You can go to Assign a Set Individually then click on the Sets name on the left to go to that Sets Replenish Page.
Replenish Set Page
The Replenish Page lists out all the Products that are supposed to be in the Set (according to the Set Template and Set Customizations) along with all the Products that have actually been scanned in. The Products scanned in have Lot number and Expiry Dates.

To replace a Product, check the Replace checkbox on that products' line then Add the Prodcut (see below) you want to put in the Set.

To remove a product from the set check off one of the checkboxes on the right.
  • Rem : Just Remove the Product
  • Exp : Remove Expired Product
  • Dam : Remove Damaged Product
Once all the Products have been added, and any that need to be removed have been checked off appropriately click the Save button.

N.B. No changes you make will be saved until you click the Save button.

Add a Product
You can Add a Product using a Barcode Scanner or by manually entering in the barcode information.

To use a Barcode scanner, make sure the cursor is in the Barcode: input box then scan the products barcode. If the Product has 2 barcodes make sure the cursor has moved to the Second Barcode: inptu box and scan the second barcode. The cursor should move to the appropriate input box automatically for you.

If the barcode scan was successful the product will turn green and there will be a success sound (the barcode scanner may make it's own noise)

To manually add a product click the Manual Entry button to expand the input panel, then enter it's EDI, Lot number, Expiry Date and Box Quantity in the relevant boxes and click the Get Product From Database button. If the product was added successfully the product will turn green and there will be a success sound.