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Kit Manager : Set Templates

A Kit Build is the list of products that should appear in a Kit. To define the build for a Kit you have to open the Kit Manager, then select the Sheet Type and Procedure Type from the dropdown boxes. This will create a categorised list of all the Kits on that Booking Sheet. Click on the Kit you want to define and you'll see all the Management tools open up on the right.

There are 2 ways to define a build for a Kit:

Import Build
Click on the Import Build button and you get an import popup window. The window displays an example of the format the import file needs to be in. If you are happy that the .csv file you have is in the correct format, click theBrowse... button, select the file, then click the Import button.

When you import the old build for this Kit will be completely deleted and replaced by the build specified in the import file.So make sure that the import file lists everything that is in the Kit.

Manually define a Build
Click the Build Parts Bank / Build Instrument Tray button to open up a page with the current build.

To add a new product to the build you can type the EDI number into the Manual Entry area and click the Get Product From Database button. If you have a barcode scanned plugged into the computer you can use that instead. Make sure that the cursor is on the Barcode: input box at the top of the page, then scan the product you want to add. If there are 2 barcodes on the product, you only need to scan the first one.

To alter the quantities for a Product that is already in the build, or to remove a Product from the build, hover over the products line in the table, then click on the one of the icons that appears : + (plus) - (minus) x(remove)