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Library : Adding a Document

Open the Library section and click on the Add a New File button.
On the Add Document to Library page use the Browse.. button ( or whatever your browser uses as a button to select a local file ) to select the file you want to add the Library. You can optionally add in a Description for your file which will make it easier to identify later.

If you want the file to be accessible by all the OpsKwan sites in your organisation set the Document Owner to Company Wide.

To add Primary Tags click the relevant buttons.

To add Other Tags use the autocomplete in the Other Tags input box.
If the Tag you want to add does not exist use the New Tags input box to create it, type in the phrase you want to add as a Tag then hit the Enter key. It will then appear as a tag ready to be saved.

When everything is ready to add to the Library click the Add Document button.