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Library : Tags and Finding Documents

The Library is organised using Tags, each Document you add can be assinged a set of tags to make it easier to find. There are some preset Primary Tags and unlimited, user defined, 'Other' Tags

Primary Tags
The Primary Tags are based on the Segments your company supplies Implants and Instruments for, along with a standard set of useful Categories. The Primary Tags are always presented as buttons in the Library, and the Document list will show all the Primary Tags associated with a document on the Index page

Other Tags
Other Tags are user defined phrases and can be anything, they are not presented as buttons as there are too many of them, to find an Other Tag use the input box and your text will autocomplete.

Finding Documents
Go to the Library section then select the Tags you want to search for. The Tag selection is considered an 'and' selection, so documents that have, at least, all the Tags you select will be found. To select Primary Tags use the buttons on the left, to select Other Tags use the autocomplete on the right.

You can also enter some free text in the Search input box. Free text will be compared to Tags, Filenames and Descriptions during the Search.

Once you have entered all your search filters click the Submit button, then find the Docoument you are interested in in the resulting List, click on that Documents' row to open the view page, which has a download link.