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People : Account Activation

Find a Person already in the System

Go to the People section and find the person you want to activate. You can use the filters to help you find someone.
The Last Name filter is an autocomplete, if you use the filters and there is only one person that matches your search, that persons' View / Edit page will open automatically.

Adding a New Account
If you've just added a new Person you will already be on their View / Edit page ready to activate their account

Activating the Account

Make sure the person has an email address on their profile, if they don't enter it then click the Save Changes button. To activate the account, look for the Send Login Instruction link in the Account section on the right. When you click this link you'll go to the Activation Email page. You can enter a message if you want, if you do it will be added to the login instruction that are sent out. When you are happy with your message (or if you don't want to add any message) click the Send Email button

You will be redirected back to the Persons page and will get a success message like this.

The Person will now receive an Activation Email, the email will contain a link to an activation page. They have to click on this link, enter the email address used in OpsKwan and create a new password. When they click the Login button, if the email address is correct and the passwords match, their account will be activated.

Once they have activated their account the Account section will change to look like this

Activation Hash
When you send an Activation email a Hash is generated, this is used to ensure no one can "Activate" an account on your OpsKwan application even is they know the email addresses of your Users. The Activation Hash lasts for 3 days, if the recipient of the Activation email does not click the link and Activate their account in 3 days they link will no longer work and a new Activation email will have to be sent.

Each time you send an Activation email a new Hash is generated. So if you send 2 Activation emails, the link in the first email will not work, as it's Hash will not match the Hash the system is expecting.