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People : Editing

Find and Open the Person
Go to the People section and find the person you want to edit. You can use the filters to help you find someone.
The Last Name filter is an autocomplete, if you use the filters and there is only one person that matches your search, that persons' View / Edit page will open automatically.

Edit a Persons Information
If you have permission to edit the Person you opened, you will see various input boxes that you can edit. If you do not have permission you will just see plain text.

In the centre column there are 2 Notes sections. Anything you add to Public Notes will be seen by everyone that opens this page. Anything you add to Private Notes can only be seen by you.

Change a Password
If someone in your organisation has forgotten their password, they can use the forgot password link on the login page. An alternative to this is for an administrator to change their password manually. To do this open the Persons page, then enter a new password in the User Account Information section in the right hand column, you will have to enter it in the both the Password and Confirm Password fields.

Save the Changes
Once you have finished editing the persons' details click the Save Changes button.