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People : Merge Surgeons

Whenever you Book a Procedure and enter a new Surgeons name, that Surgeon is created as a Person in Opskwan. If you enter the same Surgeon more than once (say, for example, you enter them with just their Surname for one Procedure, then enter them with their First name as well for another Procedure) you will want to merge the multiple people into one person.

To do this go to the People page then use the filters to make sure all the occurrences of the duplicated Surgeon are shown on the page. Check the checkbox on each Surgeons row, then select the Surgeon you want to merge them all into from the dropdown. Then click the Merge Surgeons button.

You will then be taken to the merged Surgeons profile. All information for fields that were filled out in more than one of the old profiles, have been concatenated into the field on this new profile. The example above will create a First Name as "Allan : A. : A." So you should check through all the fields and make any adjustments necessary.