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Procedures : Assigning Sets to a Procedure

Open Assign Sets Page
Once a Procedure has been created you can Assign Sets for all the items requested on the Booking Sheet. Open the Procedure then decide if you want to assign all the sets in one go, or assign them individually.

To assign all the sets click on the Assign Sets button, to assign sets individually click on the Assign link next to the Set you want to Assign.

Assign all Sets

The Assign all Sets page lists everything that was selected on the Booking Sheet, and shows all the Sets that you have in your warehouse.

The Set names are colour coded, green for complete set, red for sets that have missing items. You can click on a Sets name to open it's contents page.

If you have no Sets for one of the items selected on the Booking Sheet (i.e. nothing was added for it in the Kit Manager) then instead of a list of available sets you will see the text "No sets have been created in the Kit Manager" for these items you will have to go to the Individual Set Assignment to find Sets from somewhere else. 

To Assign a set to the Procedure, use the assign rows (indicated by this background  

) to select the date you will ship the set out, and the date you expect to receive it back. If the date range does not extend far enough into the future, you can use the calendar icon to select a far future date.
The Sets current availability can be determined using the red bars, which are displayed when a Set has already been assigned to another Procedure. You can click on a red bar to get a bubble with more information on the Procedure the set is assigned to.

Once you have selected a date range for all the Sets you are assigning, click the Save Set Booking button to save the assignments. You will then be redirected to the Procedures view page.

If you open the Assign Sets page again, you will notice that the current assigned dates are shown green bars.

You can also check what Sets are assigned at a glance on Procedures View / Edit page. If a Set has already been assigned the Assign link next to it use the Sets' name instead of the text "Assign"

Assign Individual Sets

If you want to assign the sets individually, or if you need to request a Set form another warehouse, you should click on the Assign link for that Booking Sheet item instead of the Assign Sets buttons.

The individual Assign page is very similar to the Assign Sets page. The Assign All page lists out all of the Sets it finds from your warehouse, for everything selected on the Booking Sheet. The individual Assign page list out all the Sets it finds in your organisation for the item you chose.

The main difference with this page is that you are not allowed to assign other peoples sets. You can still see if they are booked to another Procedure (indicated by the red bars) but the assign rows have been replaced with a Request link, which you can use to Request a Set from someone else.

Delete Assignment

If you want to delete an assignment, open up the Assign Sets page and click on the relevant green bar. In the popup you will see a Delete Assignment link. (You can also do this on the individual Assign page.)