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Emailing Procedure Information

You will now be presented with the Procedure Email page. Opskwan will generate a pdf containing all the information you have just entered and will attach it to the email you send, you can have a look at the pdf by clicking the link to the file at the top of the page procedure_standard_xxxxxxxxx.pdf

The Email will automatiocally go to all Logistics and Office Staff as well as you and the Sales Associate the Procedure was booked against. If you don't want to send the email to any of those people uncheck the relevant check box in the bottom left corner.

To add other users to the email, start typing their name in the user names text box. This is an autocomplete box so you can more easily find and add the people you want to email.

To send the email to people who are not on the Opskwan system, type out their email address/es in the Additional Emails textbox. The addresses should be comma separated.

You can enter a message to go along with the email if you want, once you have done this click the Send Email button.

A Procedure package is a pdf that contains all the paperwork that needs to be sent to a Hospital along with the Implants and Instruments.

Package Contents

  • Page 1
    Procedure infomration, including sets requested in the Booking Sheet
  • Page 2
    Whatever you add to the PDF Manager page.
  • Page 3
    Shipping Info, list of all the Sets sent in the package with their return shipping address
  • Page 4 onwards
    Each Set is added to the package with a list of its contents and any images that have been attached to it in the Booking Sheet Manager. If the Set has contents (from the Replenshment page in the Kit Manager) the Lot numbers will be added to the content list.

Create and Email package

Open the Procedure then click on the Email PDF Package button. This will generate the pdf for you and open up an email page. Onthe email page there will be a link to the PDF so you can open it and print it directly. Or you can select the recipients and send it as an email.