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Procedures : Fulfilling a Set Request from another Distributor

When you receive a Request Email from another Distribution Centre there will be a link in the email that opens the Select Sets for Request page.

This page contains the information for the Requesting Distributors Procedure, along with a lists of all the Sets in your Warehouse that match their request, along with those Sets availability.

Select the date range for each Set you can assign and click the Save Set Booking button.

Once you have assigned everything you are able to assign click the Send Confirmation Email button to let the Requesting  Distributor know what you have and what you have not assigned.

Deleting as Assignment

If you need to undo an Assignment you have made, Open the Procedure the Set was Assigned to, then click the link in the Booking Sheet section on that Sets' item row. 

This will take you to the Assign Sets page, where you will see a green bar next to the that Set. There will also be an x icon, click the icon to remove the assignment. Once you have removed the assignment, remember to send another Confirmation Email to let the Requesting Distributor know you are no longer supplying that Set.