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Procedures : Requesting Sets for a Procedure

Open Assign Set Page
Open the Procedure then find the item/s you need to request. Click on the Assign link on that items row. 

This will open the Assign page for that item, your Sets and their availability will be at the top of the page. If your Sets are not available for this Procedure you will need to send a request to one of the other Distributor Warehouses or to the Company Warehouse.

Marking Sets for a Request
Each of these Warehouses has their Sets also listed on the page, along with each Sets availability. If one of the Sets in a Warehouse is available, click the "Add to Request Email" checkbox" then click the Save Set Booking button. You will need to do this individually or each item you are want to request from other Warehouses.

Send Request Email

Once you have marked off all the Requests you want to make on the Assign pages, you have to go back to the Procedure View page and click the Email Request button. Note that on the Procedure view page, all the items you are requesting now have the text Request to xxx next to them instead of Assign / Build.

The email will be sent to all Logistics Coordinators at the relevant Warehouses. If you have marked requests for more than one Warehouse, the email will be sent to all of them. Each email will have a pdf attached listed the items that you are requesting from that Warehouse.

Confirmation Email

Once the Supplying warehouse has assigned sets to you Procedure they will send you a confirmation email listing out all the Sets they assigned and all the Sets they were not able to assign. If there are Sets not assigned you will have to change the request to a different Warehouse and send out the Email Request again.